Steinberg Prairie Boardwalk is a combination of two separate wooden walkways totaling 4,000 floor square feet located just north of Steinberg Ice Rink. The boardwalk sits on the edge of a pond, runs through the woods, and is regularly used by walkers, runners and bicyclists.

We were asked by Forest Park Forever’s Dan Nelson to come up with a way to prepare and re-stain all of the wood on these walkways with minimal disruption of the natural environment that surrounds these two structures.

With Dan’s help we put together a floating containment that would capture the old, loose and failing coating while still allowing water to pass through during the power washing process. With that obstacle under control we decided to coat the nearly 700 lineal feet of railing and 4000 square feet of floor with 55 gallons of Sherwin Williams Super Deck Solid Color Stain (Shagbark).

Facility maintenance supervisor, Dan Nelson was pleased, stating “what a pleasure it was working with you and your crew at Bazan Painting.”

He went on to explain that, “As always your team approached the project of power washing and staining the Forest Park Prairie Boardwalks professionally, diligently and with the client’s best interests at heart.”

“Knowing that this was a very environmentally challenging project, you and your team worked hard with us to come up with a best practice approach to this project. Creating floating debris catchers to lessen the impact of foreign material on the waterway and surrounding plant life was a complete success!!”

“Also, the extra time and care your crews used in working with our Horticulture Team on trimming plants, careful maneuvering while working; combined with seasonal timing of the project to soften the impact on the savannah was a homerun. Not to mention the outstanding finished product on the boardwalks!!!”

“Great Job!!!! We look forward to working with you again very soon!”