To say that the recent PGA Championship is “no big deal” is a gross misstatement. Over 80,000 people came from out of town, and tickets were purchased from 49 out of the 50 states. Hotel rooms were sold out weeks in advance. The miles of cable and wires needed for TV and radio had to be laid out and not cause tripping hazards. The tons and tons of steel stands and the Hospitality rooms erected took months of preparation. The tons of food cooked and consumed and the gallons of beverages is astounding and beyond counting. Imagine the complications and planning needed to park the fans and get them to the course. All this and so much more had to be thought out, planned and executed perfectly.

Putting on the PGA Championship is a huge logistics undertaking, and with a lot of planning and a little luck from mother nature, Bellerive Country Club and St. Louis pulled off one of the best-ever PGA Championships.

In a similar way, the best painting projects are always the ones that have adequate planning performed prior to the job starting. There are many components to any project, and that is no different with painting. You mustn’t shortchange the preparations such as product selection, equipment requirements, colors to be chosen, and safety foremost. Even rush-rush projects must take the time for this planning.

At Bazan Painting Company, we hope to meet those expectations and challenges just as St. Louis and Bellerive Country Club met the challenge to put on the 100th PGA Championship.