Industrial Project At Work

We take special pride in our industrial projects. At Marson Foods, we were contracted for ceiling painting of their industrial facility.

The 120,000 Square Foot Ceiling was prepped and painted using approximately 2,000 gallons of Sherwin Williams Multi Surface Dryfall over a period of about four weeks. The completion of this project on schedule was crucial for the remainder of the construction to move forward.

We wanted to take this particular project and showcase our scope of work, our painting contractors drive for excellence and our passion for painting. Please enjoy this one-and-a-half minute video about our featured project! We suggest viewing with sound on!

Project Profile Details

Job Name

Marson Foods Ceiling Painting


Marson Foods

General Contractor

ACME Constructors

Project Manager

Rachel Zeiss

BPC Project Manager

Kevin White

Field Foreman

Bill Swaringam

Thank you for taking the time to view our work. We appreciate our longstanding clients and friends. We hope to bring you more updates in the future!

Best Regards,

Val Perales & Kevin White